from 2.00pm to 3.30pm

We know that since the pandemic reared its head a year ago, everyone has had to make huge changes to their lifestyles and many social enterprises have had to adapt to the challenges.  For most, this has meant doing things differently and often doing things together.

We would like to hear what this has meant for your organisation.

  • What have you been doing differently?
  • Has this involved forming partnerships and working together with other organisations and people?
  • Have you delivered new services and engaged with new people?
  • How has this impacted on your social enterprise?
  • Do you expect the new ways of working and any new services you have been providing will continue in the future post Covid?

We would also like to explore how the sector in Cumbria can take advantage of the changes and build on the new ways of working to meet the challenges we face in the future.

  • This could be to develop social enterprise models and partnerships that can provide sustainable mutual aid for communities to build their resilience.
  • How can we support the community leadership and strength of communities that has developed organically as a result of the challenges we have faced over the last year to enable and accelerate this community led action for the future?

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