Case Studies

We provide a range of support to Social Enterprises in Cumbria. Read the below case studies to understand the type of support you may benefit from.


At the start of 2021, Emma & Maisie started The Rebuild Site CIC as they believed there was a circular economy in the construction industry. They realised perfectly good materials that could be used were being taken to landfills and not being recycled.

Maisie said: “Initially, we spoke to Martin Allman at Cumbria Social Enterprise Partnership, as we required support and knowledge of how to start a social enterprise. After getting started, we started working with Sue, who mentored us through the Countywide Support Scheme, where we could gather practical advice on getting up and running.”

“Sue was fantastic, we talked through the basics, such as how to convert our small business to a CIC. We released we required support finding accountants as well as understanding the legal requirements that need to be met. CSEP were able to provide local people from their network of mentors to assist us, this gave us the confidence as we could focus on other areas of the CIC.”

“Sue was able to provide us with useful templates and information sheets for hiring staff & volunteers that saved us lots of time and improved our onboarding processes”

“It’s great being a social enterprise in Carlisle, if we ever need any support, we contact the other social enterprises in the area for guidance, advice or a general catch-up! We have been able to broaden our network of social enterprises in the area due to the Cumbria Social Enterprise Partnership’s annual awards where we met with other social enterprises such as WeCan & Cumbria CVS.”

“We are thrilled to have just hired 2 new members of staff at The Rebuild CIC. We hope to expand our team before moving to a larger premise so we can open a larger shop.”

“In the next 18 months, we would love to expand to West Cumbria, we have discussed the possibility of having a second shop in Whitehaven or Workington.”

“We are in the process of recruiting more volunteers to help with admin & shopkeeping roles. We have been able to recruit volunteers with an excellent set of skills that have been crucial to the success of the social enterprise. We believe we can attract people who would not think of volunteering in traditional voluntary roles, they can bring their experience of working in different sectors to improve our social enterprise. Recently, we have recruited one of our volunteers, they are now a full-time member of staff.”


iCan Health & Fitness would not exist without Cumbria Social Enterprise Partnership and the countywide support from their mentors.

We have been able to seek support from the mentors when we needed clarification on funding and how to work within specific funding regulations, this independent advice is incredibly important to the future development of our CIC.

If you are thinking of starting your own social enterprise in Cumbria, you must speak to CSEP first, their support & advice will take your idea to the next level


When I first had the idea of setting up a homeless hostel I had no idea of Social Enterprise. I was asked to speak with CSEP and they introduced me to Guy Huxtable who wrote my business plan and set up my CIC. I have worked with Guy ever since on various projects always with the support of CSEP. Over the years, we have grown so much as an organisation, but I have always had CSEP to depend on for advice, mentoring, support and guidance. My advice for anyone out there thinking of setting up a social enterprise, get in touch! They have a wealth of knowledge and experience.

The awards are fantastic, excellent networking event!

CSEP has been there every step of the way, through the good, the bad and the ugly!! I certainly wouldn’t be where I am today without them.

Thank you CSEP!!!