SPARK Project

Cumbria Social Enterprise Partnership is looking for industry professionals in West Cumbria who can volunteer to help some of the amazing social enterprises on the West Coast.

Spark is supported through Sellafield’s SiX (Social impact multiplied) Investment Programme. This initial 3-year social investment programme has been developed in partnership with Cumbria Community Foundation, Westmorland & Furness Council and the Cumbria Social Enterprise Partnership.

The program focuses on family wellbeing, financial education, community activism, and inspiring young people in West Cumbria. SPARK aims to put local people in charge of their own futures by empowering neighbourhoods to create transformational change. SPARK will inspire, encourage and nurture new and existing social entrepreneurs with the assistance of Cumbria Social Enterprise Partnership.

The Spark Programme has been co-created to inspire, encourage and nurture, both new and existing social entrepreneurs by:

  • Raising awareness of social enterprise and the vital opportunities it can create.
  • Empowering people who think creatively about social problems and support them to develop their personal vision and drive to consider enterprise-based solutions.
  • Supporting the growth of vibrant social enterprises – from bright ideas to existing enterprises.
  • Supporting the development of a vibrant social enterprise sector, where social entrepreneurs and community activists flourish and communities benefit through the implementation of sustainable, locally embedded solutions.
  • Creating networking and business mentoring opportunities to help provide continuing support over the medium-long term.

The Spark Programme offers 3 Levels of support:

  • Think it -Support to aspiring entrepreneurs and community activists to help understand the concept of social enterprise and consider it as a new business model.
  • Try it – 1-2-1 tailored support and development grants for new and existing social enterprises to help trial and test new ideas or services.
  • Grow it – 1-2-1 tailored support and development grants and loans for existing social enterprises to help increase impact and build sustainable business models.

Interested? Attend one of our 2024 events to learn more.

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